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26-Jul-2017 05:40

This is what is says on my separation agreement:"Liz was not truthful and forthcoming during the course of an investigation which is in violation of our team member investigation policy." That's all it says.

I was a customer service assistant team leader, had just had an excellent job dialogue with no complaints, then two days before christmas I was pulled off the floor, interviewed by the store team leader and a regional person for almost two hours exclusively about my personal life, then suspended for seven days without pay, then fired.

Some Whole Food employees worry they might be laid off after the merger and others are worried about a change in the company's culture.

One employee from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, said that some employees are worried that Amazon's technology could take away jobs.'Everybody's been kind of joking that it's going to be robots and drones,' Carmen Clark, 37, told Reuters.

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Clark has been working at the Mount Pleasant Whole Foods for six years, but said she likes Amazon. It's a good company.'As Amazon buys out Whole Foods, some employees of the grocery chain are worried about how the merger will affect their jobs.

One employee joked there might be layoffs because Amazon's technology will take over people's jobs Other employees across the country told the outlet that they worried that Whole Foods' laid-back corporate culture might be lost, and their jobs with it.

As Amazon buys out Whole Foods, some employees of the grocery chain are worried about how the merger will affect their jobs.

The online retailer acquired Whole Foods for .7billion Friday, a stunning move into brick-and-mortar retail that sets the stage for more radical store experimentation and intensified competition with grocery rivals.

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