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13-Jan-2018 04:54

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The evaluation and review of your strategic plan is an opportunity to take a step back, assess and evaluate the state of your business and industry, and re‑align your vision, goals, priorities and action plan.

With your management team, you need to decide how and when your strategic plan will be reviewed and what information you will need to do so.

We’ve talked recently about how to put together your business plan when first starting out as the owner of a company.

But what if you’ve been a company owner for some time, or for over a year, how often should you update your business plan and how do you go about it successfully?

The starting sales plan The example begins in this first illustration with the sales forecast imported from a finished business plan, developed in Business Plan Pro.

Illustration 1: Beginning Sales Plan Actual results for sales In the next illustration, you see the actual results for the same company for the first three months of the plan, at the end of March, showing actual sales numbers. actual sales The third illustration below shows you the plan vs.

A carefully researched ‘roadmap’ which includes the right information provides focus, prevents business drift and reduces risk.Some businesses update - or at least review - their business plan once a month, while others update their goals and objectives every year or so.

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