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04-Nov-2017 23:47

Fortunately for us, Rach's friend from High School worked at the Newport News location.After some communication with Jennifer, we were all set to take 8 of our fellow Outer Banks Photographer friends/CPS Members on a Canon CPS tour/field trip.Yellowtail is also known as Cali Jacks, not to be confused with Yellowfin tuna. Compared to the Hamachi you will find at sushi bars, wild yellowtail is a bit darker with a slightly grainier texture.It is suuuuuuper delicious in flavor and super hearty – it stands up to grilling and most roasting techniques very well.For those that don't know, CPS otherwise known as Canon Professional Services is a service provided for full-time photographers.Being a CPS member you receive exclusive 24/7 email and phone support (which has really come in handy!!), on-site support at select events and shows, discounts on Canon Live Learning seminars and workshops, and ton more!Now that you know what CPS is, you can totally understand what kind of excitement it would bring to a photographer!

We are lucky to get the extreme hook up on the yellowtail most years in our own home – it is one of the main fish the hubby-type guy likes to sport spearfish for.As a freshman, the excitement and openness of the new people I met aided that hope.It seemed that there were people at school who were interested in dating or already had significant others.), expedited and discounted equipment maintenance and repairs (We get our cameras cleaned twice a year!!

), Equipment Evaluation Loans (Who doesn't like trying the latest and greatest gear before you buy!?

Coming from a family where my parents met in college, married relatively young, and most recently celebrated their 25 wedding anniversary, I have always felt the need to find a potential partner before my proverbial hourglass of youth runs out (side note: I probably should not worry since I have perpetual baby face — see “Meet the RAs 2013-2014” profile pic).