Best parsing and validating programming language

03-Sep-2017 05:16

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They use a simple XML Schema definition to validate personnel data stored in an XML file.)Note: There are multiple schema-definition languages, including RELAX NG, Schematron, and the W3C "XML Schema" standard.

(Even a DTD qualifies as a "schema", although it is the only one that does not use XML syntax to describe schema constraints.) However, "XML Schema" presents us with a terminology challenge.

While the phrase "XML Schema schema" would be precise, we'll use the phrase "XML Schema definition" to avoid the appearance of redundancy.

You'll learn more about namespaces in Using Namespaces.

It is a high level language, but retains the ability to write high performance code and interface directly with the operating system 's and with hardware.By now, you have done a lot of experimenting with the nonvalidating parser.