Albie manzo lindsey andrews still dating

07-Jan-2018 04:54

Laurita had previously being commenting on Twitter about Melissa Gorga.

So when Jacqueline began remarking about the other “set up”, many fans were left confused who Laurita was writing about.

Today she posted twitter message and text messages between her and Teresa Giudice leaving fans baffled who she is writing about.

Texts, Pictures Regarding Joe Giudice Set 1 Joe Giudice Photo 1 Joe Giudice Photo 2 Joe Giudice Photo 3 Joe Giudice Photo 4 But in the text messages was a key name: “Erin”. Best of luck with everything.” Jacqueline does not indicate if the text message is from her to Teresa, or the reverse.

In fact, the Joe Giudice leaked pictures 2011 prompted Jacqueline to exclaim “another set up” on Twitter today.

The Joe Giudice controversy got a confusing introduction to fans today.

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It’s an open secret that Jacqueline is believed to have been the one that gave Lynn the paperwork on Project Ladybug – Dina’s charity. Of course, all of this was eclipsed during that reunion because Teresa tossed Andy Cohen aside like a rag doll when Danielle mentioned those infamous words – “do you acknowledge your nephew.” The “don’t mention my family” cry was heard around the world.For those of you that like Dina Manzo now – back in 2010 in the “old days” of the blogs – both Real City Housewife and Lynn wrote many a blog about cray cray Dina. She was as famous as Jaq is today for her twitter meltdowns. This led to all sorts of rumors that Joe had a love child with a mistress – when in reality it turned out to be little Joey – Melissa third child.Now – IF we’re to believe the rumors that circulated this season – there could be some question as to that child’s paternity.I’m pretty sure this was the time when Caroline called Danielle an animal, after accusing her of doing “something” to Dina. This was the season that Dina quit half-way through.

That something was later revealed to be letting Dina’s ex husband know that he needed to sign a release to let Lexi (their daughter) be on the show. Lynn reported that her source (which I assume was Jacqueline) told her that Dina was fired for being boring – AKA filming with that hairless cat.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunions are about the worst of the franchise.

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