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[1, 2] This is because the attachment we had as kids continues all our lives, according to related research on over 10,500 adults during 1982-2009. [3] These are the “quiet blockbuster” results of two extended, linked studies. This 45% “insecure” figure starts to explain why we’ve got a 50% divorce rate.

First, using the “Strange Situation” procedure, Dr. Mary Main studied infant attachment during 1969-99. If (like me) you’ve tried dating after divorce, it won’t surprise you that science shows almost half the adults out there can’t manage a secure, committed, relationship. And if 45% of us were “insecurely attached” in 1999, what’s the 2017 rate?

That means 46% were secure in 2009 and the insecure rate was up to 54% — more than half the population. The 1998 Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study showed that 64-67% of 17,421 middle class subjects had one or more types of childhood trauma, and 38-42% had two or more types.

In less privileged populations these numbers are far higher.

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(Updated 4-12-17) Only 55% of us had “secure attachment” as infants, according to research on 6,282 infant-parent pairs during 1977-1999. Main used the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI) to study adults during 1982-1999.

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