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04-Nov-2017 04:01

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It more or less just de-indexes the information so the i Phone does not know how to find it.The deleted data is still sitting there, waiting to be discovered with forensic tools, until another process writes over it.

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And with the vast array of third-party video chat apps available, Apple’s Fact Time is no longer the only cool app out there.

There are employers looking for stolen data and employees looking to prove their innocence. What if someone deletes their data, or keeps you out with a password?

Deleting a file or an image, or other data does not make it go away.

Qikshare uses Dropbox and other cloud storage services.

Also, the app allows users to share content by bumping their phones together.So, if you like to keep your friends' updates and news stories separate, un-follow the media accounts on Facebook and add them to your account, instead.

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